Monday, August 24, 2015

Thoughts on Subscribing and a link to my latest blog post

So, I have found that the FASO blog is great, but it doesn't send an email to you to let you know I have posted... which makes me mildly unhappy.

The good news is that you can subscribe to the RSS feed which means that if you add it to your RSS feed (most have no idea what that is) Then you will see every new post as I put it up.

If you use a Mac and have Safari, you can click "follow this blog" on my blog page on the website. It prompts you to add to your shared links or your reading list. To see the feed, you have to go to View, then click Show Shared Links or Show Reading List

Some kinda good news is that if you use BLOGGER, you already have a RSS reader built into that app, they call it a Reading List. Thats how I follow my blogs. If you go to the BLOGGER page where you edit your blog and scroll down you will see all the blogs you follow.

What you can do is click the ADD button in your feed, copy and paste the homepage of my blog, which is here, and simply paste the URL address and click ok, or follow or whatever.

You must make sure that you insert the general blog address and not just a particular post... otherwise that post and it's comments are all you get!

I found that it added the link to the blog, but you had to click on compelled to paint on the list and follow the link... so, that's not a very good solution either! I am at a loss and will keep trying to figure this out. I hope you will contact me so I can try to help you get back on track!

Many of you signed up for my newsletter, which is GREAT, but I will not be sharing all blog posts there... and honestly, I am terrible at getting the newsletter out on time!

I hope this helps, and I hope to see you back on my new blog commenting away!

Here is a link to my latest post about my studio palette to wet your appetite!

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