Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Deere in Maine

Deere in Maine, 30x40, oil on gallery wrap

I saw this tractor on the side of the road in Maine when we were there last year. Every time we drove by I checked out the light on it... then one day it was PERFECT! I jumped out of the car and walked up to take pictures of it from a respectable distance and noticed a guy mowing the lawn. He was just staring at me... I said,"good morning! I am a painter  and would love to take photos of this tractor if I could?" in my nice southern gentlemanly way. He was not impressed. After an awkward pause and an ugly look, he exhaustedly dismissed me with wave of his hand and said, "go ahead!" and not in a nice way. 

You never know if the people you come in contact with are gonna be nice or not. 80% of them a more than ok with you taking photos or setting up to paint, 15% of them can be pacified with a statement like the one above, a business card and looking them in the eye when you shake their hand... the other 5% ARE JUST CRAZY. I ran into this situation with parents when I taught... 95% are great... 5% are crazy pants.

Be Careful out there, there are 5 Percenters everywhere!

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