Monday, December 29, 2008

Stand of Pines in Oranges and Greens 004

Breaking with my monochromatic studies, I tried a orange and yellow green scheme this time. The other piece were more nocturnal or foggy, I am not sure what this one is. I like it, I think. It is loud and wild, but I like the square format and those 2 colors together. It should appeal to my Irish clientele.

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Stand of Pines in Mud 003

This piece was done while away last weekend. Still experimenting with different monochromatic color schemes lead me to use these warm grays. Technically, is is the mud that is made from scraping my palette, mixed together and tubed. I like the colors of this piece, but the value of the sky is too light. This is a study, look for a larger piece with a darker sky!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Stand of Pines in Violets 002

This is the second installation in the Stand of Pines series. These pieces are typically night scenes, this one especially. The sense of that piece of time just before it goes completely dark. There is an interesting color relationship that occurs between color of the sky and the color of the trees. This piece was also done with a palette knife, but on a wood panel that has the same profile as gallery wrap. I have almost given up on stretched canvas, the brush loves the springiness, but the palette knife does not.

Make sure you click on the image to see the knife work... these look amazing lit from above...

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stand of Pines 001

I have returned to some imagery I haven't painted in some time. I started painting pines when I first started painting seriously in 2005. I have always been drawn to stands of pine trees. I love the negative spaces and the way the trees break up the sky. I am also drawn to the height and vertical nature of them. This piece is the first in a new series of paintings of pine trees, this piece was done on handmade canvas board with a palette knife and is 16"x20". I do these in one sitting, attacking the canvas and moving the paint around with the knife and moving the canvas around, working upside down and sideways. Believe it or not, there is also some red mixed in with the greens to tone them down.

Click on the image to see the knife work, this is why I have abandoned the brush...

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