Saturday, June 30, 2012

Westward Expansion Online Studio Sale

I am having a "Westward Expansion Studio Sale" this weekend. These include studies and finished pieces that have been filling up space in the studio since we moved.

There are some real gems in here, so I hope you can find something you cannot live without.

All pieces are available by following this link, click on the thumbnail you like and you will see a "buy now" button. Click on that and you can pay through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal, you can select the option to pay with credit card through PayPal as a guest. Last resort would be to email me and have me mark it as sold, however, someone may get it before I can get to it. You can also navigate the paintings within the large thumbnail images by clicking "next."

If all else fails, go to, click on paintings and then the westward expansion studio sale collection.

I appreciate your patronage and support!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hurricane Sun

Hurricane Sun, 12x16in, oil on panel, $500

The day after the storm it was still very windy and cloudy, you just see the sun behind the thin veil of fast moving clouds.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Old Florida

Old Florida, Cedar Key, 10x12in, oil on panel, $400

This is Elsa's place in Florida, done from a photo during the tropical storm. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cedar Key Marsh

A painter friend, Elsa Sibley, has great place in Cedar Key where we spent most of our time avoiding Tropical Storm Beryl. The place is full of characters and old Cracker Architecture, tons of marshes and great seafood. Sadly, I only painted one plain air piece and the rest were done from the refuge of our dwelling.

Cedar Key Marsh, 10x12in, oil on panel, $400

Hello, remember Me?

I'm the guy who used to post his painting here... regularly. Good news is that I have not stopped painting, only posting. By the end of the school year I was done with ANYTHING but painting and had even considered asking one of my graduates to intern for me as an assistant so I can just paint. I have found that keeping up with the blog, the website, Pintrest, and Facebook keep me away from where I really want and need to be, behind the easel. I have missed communication with all of you and I am ready to jump back in... baby steps, baby steps.

I have been very busy since my last post. Julie and I have combed just about every inch of Florida and have come back with great sketches and tons of reference photos. We spent most of our time trying to stay away from tropical storms, but we are back home and ready to post!