Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vacation Motel 006

Sorry for the week long delay. I have been painting my eyeballs out and have plenty to share, but I updated software on my Mac and it stopped recognizing my external drive with my pictures on it, then it decided to erase my new iPhoto Library with the newest paintings on it.

This piece goes back to a few tricks I learned when doing the Wyllis Jeep you can see on my site. I painted it upside down for starters, which is much easier that right side up if you can believe that. I put the paint on thickly as usual and the knocked it around with a palette knife, dragging colors into neighboring colors. In the famous words of my favorite artist, Pabo Picasso, "In order to create, you must destroy." How right he was. Anyway, the pieces to follow will also share the same technique with a limited palette. I may be making multiple posts today...

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