Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fenced In, My Latest Project...

Living large. Here is a series of photos from my latest creation. This studio is on lend from my friend and fellow art teacher, Meredith Wilson. I have been using the space to paint my new series of larger works. I have been saving time and money to paint these. As a boy, I saw the work of my parents friend, Lu Steed. They were what seemed to me to be life siZed tractor trailers. They were incredible.

I have long admired the works of the Abstract Expressionist like Pollock, Rothko, Motherwell, Kline and Still. Their painting fill up your senses, standing in front of one is all encompassing, a true experience. Mine are tiny in comparison, but never the less, larger than I have ever worked.

In doing these, I am creating my own collection of these things that I stop to admire along the road and covet. Look for more to come.


  1. Beautiful painting! love love love-where will this hang?

  2. Incredible, You are so lucky to have a space to paint big even if it is on loan. Your style translates very well to bigger pieces. Great job, looking forward to seeing more of these.

  3. Thank you for sharing
    This fabulous work with us
    Good creations

  4. Oh, this is just amazing. I'm with Artoutwest... where will this hang? Great job David - thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing more!

  5. Beautiful work. I am jealous. Helen :-)