Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back in the Saddle, Again... Again

Wow, three weeks away from the blog and I don't know what to do with myself. After a series of unfortunate events including kidney stones, rain shortened kayak trips, a death in the family, and lipotripsy,  I am ready to start posting. I never stopped painting, just lost the will to post.

The first week of April I took my annual pilgrimage to the coast of Georgia with my friend and fellow teacher, Gail Jones. We take a group of 7th graders to Skidaway Island every year to sea kayak as part of our interim experience at The Heritage School where we teach. The group at Sea Kayak Georgia have become good friends over our years of coming down.

The camping/kayaking was shortened due to rain. I was sad and glad to be home a bit early since it was the beginning of spring break and I just got a extra day.

My wife and I were married in late may last year. Shortly after our wedding her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the young age of 59. Those of you familiar with this cancer know how cruel it can be. My wife left the day I returned to go home to take care of him in his final days at home. He fought the good fight, continuing to stay very active until February when the cancer spread to his liver.

I was to follow the next day after unpacking and getting things together. Much to my dismay, I  had a kidney stone attack. I had one before, ironically 6 years earlier and after returning early from a snowed- out interim trip. Someone is watching out for me, for sure. I was very disappointed that I had another one and that I would not be able to get to Tennessee to be with Julie and her family.

 After my first attack, 6 years ago, I vowed never to experience them again. I really got myself together. I quit smoking and drinking and ate better, I took up painting and exercising in their place. I will say that my stones that I just pass were much better looking than the ones I had passed earlier, but I have missed out on some good single malt scotch drinking.

Regardless, I was stuck at home and could not get out of the house until the stones passed. The trip to Tennessee, where Julie's parents live, is 6 hours away and kidney stones are nothing to have outside of your house. I would not even let my own mother come sit with me due to the language that was coming out of my mouth.

After a week of phone calls, CT scans and blood work I got into a Urologist after my father in law passed away. I was disappointed to hear that my stones were to big to pass and they could not Zap them for another 2 weeks and even more saddened by the news of my father -in-laes passing and the hopeless feeling I had from passing a stupid stone while her was fighting for his life.

I was glad to know they were stuck and with a wish and a prayer (and a pocket full of Percocet) I went to Tennessee to be with my Tennessee family.

I am back home, kidney stone free and ready to get back to the blog. I have a small collection of pieces I did while home during Spring Break and pieces I completed before break and after my return from Tennessee.
Jerry loved the water. I did this piece for them for Christmas. He was  Great American.
Jerry Knott


  1. Sorry to hear of your loss and suffering, good to see you back.

  2. well, you have to have those lows to appreciate those highs! i am glad to be back and the time away from the easel has done more good than bad this time around. i have some great stuff coming!