Sunday, May 19, 2013

Good news from the Forgotten Coast

Well, the weekend paid off. I was so excited to win the Best Emerging Artist at the Forgotten Coast QuickDraw a couple of weeks ago. My plan was to keep going down until I placed and hopefully capture enough attention to make the invite list.

I was honored to share the podium with some of my heros like Ken DeWaard and Morgan Samuel Price.

It was a wet paint out, I wound up painting in torrential rain by the beach a St. Joseph State Park near Cape San Blas. I had to "borrow" a trash bag from a nearby trash can because I left my raincoat in the hotel room... and I tell you what... it was the the best raincoat I ever had. I now have a box of them in the pack of the 4Runner.

The painting didn't sell at the event but it was sold by the time I made it home. It's nice to have collectors who really know which pieces to buy to add to their collections.
The Whole Crew, QuickDraw at the Forgotten Coast 2013
Me, my medal and my QuickDraw piece, The Calm

Winners from the event, L to R, Ken DeWaard, Morgan Samuel Price, Haidee-Jo Summers,
Mary Ericson, me and judge  Dr. Ashley White

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