Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The New Space

The New Space, 8x10, oil on canvas panel, $400 framed, landscape, PBS
This is the first a series of paintings that you will see coming from me during the school year called PBS paintings, or Paintings Before School. I will be doing a lot of paintings before my school day starts. I don't have the same schedule I had last year that gave me an entire afternoon, from 12:30 until whenever every other day, in the studio. I do have a free block every morning and I will be doing a great deal of plein air work on campus and in downtown Newnan for another project I will tell you about later.

The school just put in a traffic circle or roundabout and it has open the campus up to a filed that I have coveted for years. It has been the subject of many foggy morning photos and paintings. I now have vehicular access to this field, although that comes with it's own curse, and will be able to paint it much more frequently. It will not continue to be a beautiful field as it will become a new road in the next few years. I will continue to immortalize it in paint and film until and through that day that the road goes in.

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