Friday, January 24, 2014

Strong Urges: Follow me somewhere else but here...

Time is of the essence... we say it all the time but what does it really mean? I'm not sure, but it probably does not have much to do with what is going to follow.

The more time I spend painting the more I can share what I have done... INSTANTLY. Sadly, that spot is not always this blog. It used to be... but not so much anymore. I am not sure when the last time was I posted, but it was too long ago. However, I share things every day, several times a day, so you just need to know where to see them so you do not get behind.

The blog is so great, but there are other outlets that are much easier for me to use on a moments notice, and even better, easier for me to talk with you! I have to moderate comments here... so I have to log in and read and accept, etc. The same with an image or a painting. I have to log in, create a new post, type it, upload the image, give it a caption and then publish. I don't have time for that and have seriously considered one of 2 options, close or move the blog... it is a dinosaur, or hire someone to keep the blog up.

I have said it before and I will say it again, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I am a shutter bug, if you didn't know, I used to have a photo blog as well until I discovered Instagram.  From Instagram, you can take a photo, write something about it and upload it immediately to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and even Tumblr. Why would or should I have to deal with all the antiquated posting ways of Blogger.

Instagram is fantastic, it is image based and I am a picture guy. I am also a Facebook guy and even a Google+ guy, put I am not sure what I am doing there quite yet. I just know that Google+ is the "end all to be all" in Europe and for the thousands of kids in the US who are jumping from the Facebook ship because their parents are there now. You do need an Android or an iPhone or iPad to use Instagram... but you can also use it from your desktop or laptop. Give it a try.

Look for me on the old inter web... I am everywhere but here!! you can click on the icons on the side of my blog, search David Boyd Jr and/or Compelled to Paint on the web or follow the links below!

BTW, you do not have to follow them all! any one of these will work, the content is the same. So pick one that works for you, that you understand and see what I am painting, teaching and photographing everyday. Hope to see some new old friends!


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