Friday, January 15, 2010

Washington Tow, 189

This tow truck could very well be the reason I am obsessed with old, rotting vehicle carcasses. At the very least I am pretty sure it all started with the city of Washington, GA. We would visit my grandparents there every month or so and we would drive past this truck every time. As long as I can remember it was always there. It was curious to watch it change. It seemed to become more beautiful to me the longer it sat there as nature did it's work to her. My grandparents also had an old barn that was full of old cars and tractors.

There was a Ford Model T that was sold to a neighbor. It is actually up and running. There was a convertible Packard. It was in the process of being restored when lightening struck the barn it was stored in and burned to the ground. All that was left was a puddle of glass. It was my favorite, it still had the key in the ignition, an old rabbits foot that was missing all of it's hair. There was also an old Farmall tractor that was traded to a friend in exchange for the restoration of my Dad's '57 MGA coupe.

I used to go out to that old barn out in the woods and play in those old cars, I loved the smell and I loved the accumulation of moss and dust and dirt that only comes from decades of abandonment.