Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daily Painter Originals

Just in case you don't already follow me or, you can now follow me through I have loved daily painter and daily paintworks, but daily painter originals is a MUCH smaller group. At the moment, they have around 30 member as opposed to the 150 or so on daily painters and the 300 or more on daily paintworks. Daily paintworks does have a small core group of amaZing painters like Carol Marine, Michael Naples, Laurel Daniel, and the like... but I have yet to get my invite from them:) Honestly, if you are here, there is nowhere else you need to go!


  1. Best news ever! I have followed you on DPG forever! But, other than the challenges, DPW is just too BIG for me and I never thought how a smaller group would be beneficial! I have known about DPO all along but have to say, I've dismissed it most of the time. NO LONGER! Thanks David ❤

    BTW, I love love love Rawlings!

    BTW-BTW - my Dad, Bob Saar, was one of the 3 men who died performing duties of Mayor of Gay in 1986 - little known fact!

  2. Hi David, I run the Daily Painters of Georgia Blog which is a part of the Contemporary Fine Art International. I've written you a few times in the past hoping you'd join us - actually as a DP you're already listed as a member on the CFAI site but would love to see your post on our Daily Painters of Georgia site.
    Let me know -

  3. Thanks, guys. DPW has it's perks, just isn't working to well for me. DP has been great but I really like the DPO group. I wish I had more time to dedicate to daily painting anyway, but the galleries call!

    Judy, my marketing budget is stretched pretty thin, email me and let me know what your costs are.