Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Simple Ground PLane

Simple Ground Plane, 8"x10", oil on RayMar panel
Playing with the ground plane... I did this one the same day as the other Thompson Farm painting. The ground plane was so active, so I decided to so something simple.


  1. i find the ground plane to be the hardest thing to deal with. it's usually uninteresting, yet complicated, and i always have trouble conveying distance and depth. that said, you typically handle it very well. any pointers for an amateur?

  2. I have a few things I keep in mind about the ground plane, but I don't always use them! One, the most saturated colors she beat the bottom, especially reds... They drop away quickly as the ground goes back. I also think "up" in the front and "flat" in the back. I try to keep the grasses ie brush stroke up in the front and then have them run parallel tp the horizon in the back. And, of course, the cardinal rule... Things get lighter and bluer as they recede... Unless you are in the west, then they get darker and more red! Have you read carlsons landscape painting book or Edgar Payne?

  3. i actually have carlsons, but to be honest i've never read through it completely. there needs to be more color pictures in there to maintain my short attention span (it's probably just my dated copy). i tend to generally understand the cooler/farther concept, but i always feel like i'm exaggerating to get it to work, and therefore struggle with that.