Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stand of Pines, Winter Morn

Stand of Pines, Winter Morn, 20x24, oil on museum wrap, $1000
Spent most of last week fretting about the ArtBlink painting event. I was given 90 minutes to produce a piece... and while I was painted, people would be watching and bidding on the outcome. It started with a few small studies and then progressed into this piece. Same size as the one I did for the event, 20"x24". I decided to time myself and take notes along the way so Julie could prompt me as I went to make sure I would finish on time. I also tubed my paint. If I had mixed on site, it would have taken me an hour to mix up enough paint. I mixed a ton of it because I used a palette knife to cover canvas as quickly as I could.

I will have more on the event as I get pictures... I was too busy painting to take photos.


  1. Awesome! Love the perspective and that you were so ready! Good for you:) Represent:)

  2. This really works well on so many levels. Good for you for being prepared! Sounds like an awesome event!

  3. thanks, guys. it was a great event and i was honored to have been asked... i certainly didn't want to fall flat on my face!