Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SOLD Between the Walls

Between the Walls, oil on luauan panel, 24x24in, unframed, architectural,  $1200, SOLD
Painting of my favorite alley in my hometown.


  1. Fantastico!
    I love that you have a favorite alley!
    This is a wonderful painting David!
    It is very successful. Reminds me of the "New York City Ashcan School!"
    I love all art and urban art scenes are up there on the top of my list!
    Nice palette and so much more.

  2. Love the painting. I'm curious to hear about the luanan panel?

  3. This is great. Love the color, design, everything! Please tell about the panel. Never heard of it.

  4. She's very pretty! I love mixed media, too, and want to experiment more with it in future. Thanks for the inspiring example. :) color changing paint