Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In the Moonlight

In the Moonlight, 11x14in, oil on panel, NFS, study, nocturne, landscape
My first plein air nocturne done with Roger and Greg. Millie Gosch and Craig Reynolds were also brave enough to join us. A little blue, but Thats what I picked up... just blue and white. I knew I could only focus on the big shapes. I enjoyed this more than any painting I have done with the sun up. Again, if you are interested in a larger piece based on this, let me know.


  1. David!
    Very, very nice!
    Van Gogh! Monet! And a hint of El Greco!
    A great piece.
    I love the blues! The brushstrokes! The shapes and more make this very successful!
    Now, I am motivated to do the same.

    1. thank you, michael! throwing some pretty fantastic names out there! have another coming out tomorrow where i tried a different palette with a little more success. thanks for watching!