Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Moonrise in Meriwether

Meriwether Moonrise, 6x8in, oil on linen panel, study (available after the larger painting in complete) $150, landscape, nocturne
Learned a great deal from the first night... I went out the next evening on my own and came back with this. Would like to work this one larger, the study and larger piece will be available at the time of completion. let me know if you would like for me to put your name on either one.


  1. David!
    This piece is magnificent!
    Love the light, the texture, the atmosphere and so much more.
    I very much enjoy your work!
    It is wonderful that you can get so much fantastic visual joy on such a small surface!
    Paint on and on and on!
    Your art buddy!

    1. i love these nocturnes... don't quite know why people are all hung up on the sunlight stuff!