Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Haralson Mill

Haralson Mill, 12x16in, oil on linen, landscape, $725, ©David Boyd, Jr. 2013

This is a great mill complex not far from Riverwood Studios in Senoia, GA. A great deal of The Walking Dead is done in the area and this building was used in the season 3 intro. This place has been getting a ton of traffic, and sadly things have gone missing and the owner lets no one the property anymore. I have been here several times and never encountered a soul... until this day. While taking pictures a van load of "walkers" dropped in to see what was going on. I sent them do downtown Senoia, Old Town Sharpsburg and to the old Brown Steel plant in Newnan. It is excited to see all of the newly emerging interest in these old landmarks, but sad to see them being mistreated.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Stephanie! It remains one of my favorites.

  2. Nice job with this one David!
    Love so much about it! The textures! The composition! The subject!

    1. thanks, michael! it does have a certain "something!"