Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cypress Bay Resort 036

This one makes up for the days of inactivity and the days that will follow without paintings, it wiped me out. I did this monster in one night, it is the largest painting I have done in over a year (24"x30"). I have completed dozens of small works and a few medium sized pieces within the year. This was also my first use of my newly developed deconstruction style on a canvas this size. Of course, I want to paint twice this size and larger, but I don't have pockets deep enough or a studio large enough... some day! I hope to get enough of these pieces together to shop around the galleries in Atlanta, so if you buy it, I will have to have it back for "The Big Show."

This piece is based on a picture I took at Kentucky Lake in Tennessee (yeah, I know. They do a lot of that up there), Jules was living there at the time and the sign begged to be painted, it is old and the paint is oxidizing and it has been hit by a drunk driver or 2, thus the beat-in arrow in the front.

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  1. fantastic painting. i especially like the color scheme. bring it by sometime for a closer look.