Thursday, February 12, 2009

Last of Savannah... for now.

I left Savannah on Wednesday to drive to Nashville for Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt, which was amazing. As I was leaving, I was emotionally overwhelmed, I did not want to go!

I attended SCAD from 1991 to 95 and plan on going back to finish my masters. I had been back many, many times to visit, but never alone. When I left Savannah in '95, I was READY to get out! I was tired, stressed and ready to begin a new chapter. Being back in that beautiful, old, sultry city was so amazing, walking the streets both day and night with my camera, enjoying the great food and the colorful characters. I really miss that place, and upon my departure, I felt it. I was thankful for the trip, but I leave a piece of my heart there. Someday, I really hope to return. I tried to remind myself that the weather was mild, not the usual 99 degrees with 100% gnats and humidity, and that i was only getting the best of what she had to offer.

Again, I did not one bit of painting, not because I didn't have the time or materials, but there was so much to see. Also, knowing that I have a trunk full of clothes and supplies to get me though 8 days and moving Julie back from Paris, Tennessee, where would I put my paintings?? Excuses, excuses.

I can't wait to get back home and sift through my pictures and begin anew. I haven't painted in over a week, almost the longest run in over a year, and as you know, it ain't like riding a bike. I am back on the palette knife, so I am very excited about getting back to it.

These are the last few pics that I have chosen to share...

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