Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Galvaston Caddy 253

Thar she blows! This is the piece I entered for the OPA Eastern US Show... I don't know if it will get in or not. My style and application are pretty wild and don't show a great deal of control... but that's me. I like the loose feel of my work, I have worked very hard for that. The subject matter is strange as well, but you never know! These guys are pretty damn good... the best really. But I feel like there is a place for me in there, but that is up to them.

After looking at the booklet from the national show, I felt like I was ready to at least start trying! This piece will be on hold until after I hear if it made it or not. If it does not, it will be the first David Boyd, Jr. auction piece on EBay

This piece is a departure for me... I painted it on a tinted background... aliZarin Crimson, instead of drawing in great deatil in pencil, I drew rapidly with the brush. I normally do not do an underpainting when I work this large, but I did this time. I also went back to some old palette knives I used to use... both over 3" long. I hope to work larger later this fall, I have some canvas over 6' wide and a couple of large trowels. This piece took several large tubes of Gamblin oils, I am going to need to invest in a great deal more if I work larger.

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