Friday, July 16, 2010

Lilies I 251

Finally found my groove, it only took all summer. I switched from my little palette knife (1.5") to my larger (3") knife that I used to use. My large pieces we missing energy, they were too tight even though they were loose. Things are funny like that. Looking forward to cranking out a few larger pieces for the OPA regional show this weekend with that in mind. I may be holding pieces more than usual as I feel that I am ready to participate in some of the regional shows. You can't compete if you are selling those key pieces... and I have let too many of those go!


  1. Good luck on the OPA show...I've entered as well...I haven't packed my bags yet but I bet it'll be a good show to go see.

  2. yeah, you never know. i have yet to enter one... i am hoping that the next piece on the easel is a strong one, if it isn't... i ain't sending it in!

    we should plan on going to see it... we can take the pumpkin and you can push!

  3. I assume the Lilies picture is not for sale? Great colors...