Friday, July 2, 2010

Schmid Color Study 243

Every now and again when I need to have my brain melted I pick up Alla Prima by Richard Schmid. He is an amaZing painter and I love his stuff, but after the most thorough reading yet, I have discovered that I disagree with a great deal that he says. It could be that I don't understand him, but I think it is because we approach painting from different perspectives. Could be I read John Carlson first. Either way, our habit are different but I am sure I can learn a great deal from him.

One thing I wanted to do this summer was chart different palettes I use, although these do not go 5 value steps, I felt 4 was plenty. I also use a great deal of grays, which are not represented in these pure color mixtures. Next timeI do these I may mix my green, orange and violet to add to the mix. Maybe later this summer.

My palette consists of cad yellow lemon, permanent red and cobalt blue light. the other panels are each primary mixed with the others and value stepped down.

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