Monday, October 4, 2010

Galveston Caddy in a Square

Just finished the 4'x4' monster last week before the Cotton Pickin Fair. I have been busy prepping for the fair, so this mobile image is all I have at the moment. I hope to poast a better image before it goes off to the Dogwood Gallery and then the walls of the Legacy Theater.
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  1. It is hung in the lobby of the Legacy Theatre tonight. Ready for the opening of Driving Ms.Daisy on Friday. Your painting looks wild & I am not sure the nice folks @ the theatre knew what they were getting into. The guys @ the new barbershop here, Trinity, well.. they love the Cadillac. G.B.

  2. trinity may become my new barber shop, i like them already! i have 2 "trinity" inspired paintings for you, gregarious greg... one titled "number 3 on the track, number 1 in my heart" and one titled "a trinity of pines"... posts to come.

  3. That's great. Send me some images so we can include them in emails.thanks,g.b.