Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mt. Carmel Revisited 283

Can't get enough of this subject. I really like the colors in this one better than in any other. They harmonies are perfect.


  1. Very serene and peaceful . Not sure where Mt Carmel is. Made me think of the town in California, but I don't think that is where this is.

  2. not even close! mt carmel is the road i live off of in gay, georgia. i moved to gay 3 years ago to get away from the atlanta traffic that has taken over my hometown of newnan, ga... just 35 miles south of atlanta. very quiet and sleep down here. no traffic, no cable, no internet!

  3. The colors are lovely. The blue road really pops and at the same time is so serene. The grays are beautiful. The composition is great. The warm and cools are beautifully juxtaposed. I could stare at this painting for a long time. Wonderful work.