Friday, October 29, 2010

Movalli Inspired Marsh 288

Movalli covered a 24"x30" canvas in about 30 minutes and it was brilliant... so I tried. I love the less is more theory of painting as well. His palette was simple, cad yellow, yellow ochre, cad red, ultramarine, and pthalo.... he may have had aliZarin, but digress. He used only 2 brushes... 90% of the time he used a number 12 bristle and and at the end, for about 5 key strokes, he used a number 8.

I came home and wanted to try, not that I paint slowly, just a bit more deliberately I guess. I had these 18"x24" canvases sitting around , so I vowed to put the to good uses using some of my marsh reference photos from the weekend.

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