Friday, January 7, 2011

Moving Sale Gratitude

WOW! Things went quickly today! I am blown away by the sheer number of pieces that were sold to good homes. I am very humbled and dumbfounded by it all. Thank you all so much!
This was a very special sale, don’t expect one until I move again... and after this one, that will be NEVER!
Painting is a very fickle business. There is not a great deal of “profit” involved in the monetary sense, but the the enjoyment of creation and expression is priceless. To be a painter it takes a village, and that village is you. No painter can make it without a base of support. If I cannot sell paintings, I cannot afford to paint. Thank you all for that and continue to support the arts whenever you can, we all need it!
I look forward to the move and new inspiration and time in the studio. I will miss being out in the country, but I am looking forward to what is on the horiZon in the up and coming art scene in Newnan, GA.

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