Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Henry's International 304

In the famous words of Aerosmith... "I'm back in the saddle, again..." I am sure some of you ole timers will let me know that Will Rogers or the Lone Ranger said it first... but that's ok.

I finally became acclimated to my new surrounds and have knocked out a commission or 2 including this image done for a client who wanted his International painted. They saw my work in the Highlands at the Smokehouse. Henry drove this International in high school and still has it! Original paint and all. It is a beautiful car. He drove it to me when we were still and Gay and left it with me for 2 glorious weeks of picture taking.

It will hang in a prominent space on the stone fireplace of their cabin in the Highlands, NC.

Glad to be back!

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