Monday, June 27, 2011

Ford Decor

Ford Decor, 16"x20", oil on RayMar panel, unframed, $640
Before we moved from Gay, I took a ton of pictures around a new business area that had sprung up. I made friends with a mechanic down there who knew some people who had great old stuff. The guy that owns the business park had this truck stripped of it's engine and had it out in front of the general store. Now it is painted with the logo of the store. Great idea and a very cool truck. This piece is another smaller one, but I love the color scheme and I think I will do it at 30"x40" or larger.

The color palette I used is a bit of a departure for me.... and I love it. It has given the mystery I have been looking for in my work. Since painting this, I have altered it and used it on a few more pieces. This was painted with yellow ochre, aliZarin crimson, burnt sienna, ultramarine and titanium white.

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