Friday, June 10, 2011

Shadow Box and Painting Wall

A few of you have asked to see what my shadow box looks like, so here it is. It is not front and center in this these images, it is off to the right side and is holding my Mac and my monitor. It is roughly 18" square and has 2 slits in the back... one in the middle for light to go through and one in the very back so slip fabric or paper down for a back drop. This one is made of 1/2 plywood. I have another one that I made of 3/4 inch ply and it is 24" square and too big and heavy for the current study. It is also painted a midtone gray instead of black.

When I use it, I move it and the small tabouret onto the dresser where I have it lit form above. I used to paint looking down on subjects, but since the shoes series began... I like to look straight at it eye level.

When I was painting this Caddy, I had to use my old Julian easel, my paints and plein air gear were left in Florida so I did not have to fly with them. My larger pieces are painted hanging on the wall over the dresser.

PLease note the two monitors... the one on the right IS a monitor, the other is my TV. I have a bad habit of watching/listening to the TV... especially my races. They are mindless. I listen to music quite often as well.


  1. I don’t understand? You watch TV while painting and paint from a image on a computer monitor?

  2. When I am in the studio painting I work from references on the monitor and listen to the tv, yes.

    However, I do not paint from the monitor when I have something set up in the shadow box... I paint from life. During the warm months I also try to paint outdoors 2-4 times a week.

    You have to have that experience and knowledge to be able to work from an image on a monitor.

    Hope this clarifies... Still working on my first cup of coffee!