Monday, October 17, 2011

Peggy Root

Spent some time with the painting gang here in Newnan. Peggy Root came down for 3 days to work with us. The weather left a bit to be desired, a bit wet and rainy, but I like to paint in that type of weather. The food and camaraderie made up for any shortfall in the weather.

Check out Peggy's work here. She is the real deal. No small plein air "studies" for her. She lugs her gear through creeks and hills in eastern Tennessee, working on one larger piece a couple of hours at a time,  several days at a time in the same location. She actually stretches her own linen canvases on location! She puts me to shame. Peggy and her artist husband, Tom, also run an art school in their hometown. Check out her work here.

There was a good bit of "porch" artwork going on for the first few days... Peggy is in the trench coat on the right.

Hard to keep me away from a fire, but I was always a sucker for going out to get cold and
then coming back in for a warm up session.

We actually got out to a favorite local of our group, the Thompson Farm, on the last day.  Brenda Sumter is on the right, she was part of the Georgia Gang that went to Scott Christensen last summer. Peggy helps Pam Giles on the left.

Linda Mann shows the painting who's boss.

Sandy parker mixes and Val Cranford prepares to go big, or go home!
Special thanks to Val Cranford who brought Peggy to us and Elsa Sibley, who despite some latent surgical foot issues, hosted us at her wonderfully coZy country retreat.

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