Monday, October 17, 2011

Rulon Electrical

Rulon Electrical, Houston, TX, 30"x40", oil on 3"museum wrap
Available at my one man show, Progression, Nov. 12th at the Dogwood Gallery
Had to big back in the archives to find this gem. This was from our trip to Houston in the summer of 2010. I knew it would become a painting sooner or later, guess I just needed to do a show.

I am always excited to find out little tidbits about a sign as I paint it, a bit of it's history if you will. For example, I did not notice that the top panel with "RULON" on it had been replaced. You can see that the white border that is on the "ELECTRICAL" part of the sign does not continue up, not to mention the difference in serif and san serif fonts used on the 2 names. I wonder what it was called before Rulon??


  1. thanks, stephen! i am going to have a hard time letting this one go. i have been staring at for a few days now and i find it quite relaxing!

  2. i am a big fan, BTW. found you through julie davis.

  3. Am just now getting around to welcoming you to DPO. I like being a part of a small group and getting to know everyone. Went through and read/looked at your back posts, I've been following Stape for years, You are right..what a blog! I would so love to study w/ Scott C, loved reading all of that. Love this last piece!

  4. Thank you, Pam. It is a great group and I have enjoyed it very much. I hope to get back to doing more daily painting soon and looking and commenting on every one's work... perhaps when my show is over. Scott Christensen was great, worth every penny!