Thursday, October 27, 2011

Work from Peggy Root Workshop

From the Barn, oil on raymar panel, 12"x16"
I have been very bad and have not posted in quite sometime. Before the Peggy Root workshop in early October I got a stress fracture in my foot while running (barefoot, begin the ridicule now). I had worked my way out of running shoes because of a 5 year battle with IT band issues. So, no riding and no running for me. Shortly after I injured my wrist and could do nothing! I hobbled around the workshop and struggled with my inability to exercise in the same manner until now... it is weird what an impact exercise had on my mental health. We were also at a destination wedding on St. Simon's Island off the coast of Georgia. So, I am just now beginning to get back to the blog.

This first painting was done under a barn looking out into the woods and a field. It was wet and rainy, and I almost threw this one away after the first day. I believe it is very important to try to rescue a piece as much as I feel it is a good idea to scrap some as well.

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