Friday, May 4, 2012

Cannon's Point Canopy

Cannon's Point Canopy, 16x20 in, oil on panel, $600, © 2012 David Boyd, Jr.
Did this piece when I got back from the paint out in St. Simon's. The canopy at Cannon's Point was amazing. It was unadulterated. No one had been there to paint in over 30 years. we were so luck y to get in! I was in heaven, I have been drawn to Georgia's coastal canopy since my college days at SCAD. the subject of my first painting was the canopy of the tree outside of my house on Washington Ave.

This afternoon I head out for Apalachicola, FL, the site of the Great American Paint Out. I hope to get on their radar for the invite list next year.


  1. Reminds me lying in the grass on dreamy summer afternoons of my childhood. Just lovely.

  2. I like the interplay of background and foreground. Let's see, oh yea, I like your style and sense of color. Also I like the way you look like the Grant Wood painting in your photo.

  3. When I needed a instant canopy I found these guys. They were great and affordable