Monday, May 14, 2012

Neptune Cedar

Did this piece at the Plein Air Affair is St. Simon's late last month. Lot's of palette knife going on here. The knife is great, it covers a lot of territory and you really can only think about the "larger picture." I find it easy to destroy the big design with little brush strokes. This piece is framed and ready to go.

Neptune Cedar, 10x12 in, oil on panel, framed, $600,  2012 David Boyd, Jr.


  1. Nice little tree! I have a question: what size or shape is the knife you are painting with?
    When I try to paint with a knife, it's hard to get any paint onto the surface of the painting. There must be something I don't know.

  2. are you using a palette or painting knife?? kinda shaped like a weird little spatula??

  3. Hi David,
    You CAN paint. That tree each stunning - so much movement.

  4. Wow, what an exciting tree! I'm a watercolor painter and can learn from oil artists.