Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cabin. Paris, Tennessee 056

Well, we have made it to Paris, TN. I got up this morning and went out in Jules' folks yard to paint this old cabin they have in the back yard. It is beautiful. Hand hewn logs with mortar between them, dove tailed on the ends. It has a deck on the back overlooking the creek. I hope to paint from there tomorrow, but the forecast calls for rain. I may be painting indoors from photos, we will see.

This cabin is great, they just cleared the brush recently and when we were here last it was way too cold for a Georgia boy like me to get out there and paint. My blood is too thin. I did take a lot of photos that day, but I never painted from them.


  1. very nice...I really enjoy seeing your easel and the actual scene you are working from...I think I'll take some pics like that the next time we paint...maybe you can go with us... Elsa and I are going to try to paint...sat. and/or next week...let us know...I love your work,it's so fresh and loose,great colors