Thursday, April 16, 2009

White Barn, Gay, GA 057

Finally got out to paint today. Jules and Mo' came with me... Mo' whined like a baby the whole time like the cruiser was surrounded by angry cats and he had no escape.

It was a beautiful day, and I HAD to get out and paint. It had been almost a week. There is no excuse... well, actually I could come up with several, but they are worthless. Even though I was distracted by the whines of my dog and the cars that occasionally passed, I was happy with the piece in the end, and that is all that matters...


  1. fresh, crisp, I love it! when does your workshop start?

  2. which workshop??? i did one (with one student!) about 2 months ago and really enjoyed it. i wanted to do millie's on saturday but we had the heritage auction. having a hard time finding time right now and i hate it!!! when are you guys going out again or want to come down here??