Friday, April 24, 2009

Two Avocado Paintings 057 & 058

I finished these pieces too late last night to get any good light on them. I am trying to turn out some fruit for the Cotton Pickin' Festival next weekend. With the amount of oils I use, they take at least a week under a heat lamp to dry. My style has started to change a bit and I am enjoying where it is going. I am at the phase where I can't wait to get home to paint. I love that place. It only comes around so often.


  1. amazing, even with a palette knife you captured the essence of an avacado. softness and jagged edges, love it.

  2. SWEET....I LIKE ALL OF THE FRUIT PAINTINGS...DO YOU USE A BRUSH AT ALL?or just a palette knife...please...I HAVE TO KNOW

  3. the answer to the riddle is... both.
    i start wil the brush, move it around with the knife, then more brush, the some knife... blah blah blah. it works for be. i cant make a brush painting "live" like you can! i have to destroy mine...