Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chatov Workshop, 202

Just finished a 3 day workshop with figure painter Marc Chatov, a third generation painter considered to be in the top 10 of portrait painters in the US. It was humbling, amazing, frustrating and refreshing.... sometimes, 3 days is not enough. That was the case here. Day 3 was great, day 1 and 2 were the days you try to shed your old habits and get in a place to try something new.

Marc had his work cut out for him with me. I DO NOT do the figure or faces, they scare me to death, which is why I signed up for the workshop. I never had drawing lessons in high school and in college they assumed that I already had drawing skills. Thrown into figure drawing at 19 years old was daunting, and needless to say, every time we had a male model, I hid in the back away from his "junk" or just left. Very 19 year old boy of me. That was drawing too, we didn't do any drawing in this workshop... lots of massing in and big shapes of bold color.

I really enjoyed the workshop and Marc. He was amazing. It was great to have some friends there as well... my sis Bonne, Margot, Dana, Millie and Pam were all there to witness the "Deconstruction of Dave."

I plan on continuing to work with figures and absorb what I have learned. I am very interested in bettering my skills... looking into ateliers and the infamous Art Students League which has been pulling me to NY for the past decade...

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