Sunday, February 14, 2010

RC Cola, 199

I have wanted to work with old corporate identities and logos for quite some time. As a younger art history student, I loved Andy Warhol and many of the other Pop artists and their progenitors. Having grown up in a print shop and graphics company, I have always appreciated the time, effort and thought that goes into the creation of a corporate identity not to mention creating a few myself. It is more than a symbol or brand, to me, they are works of art... more so when they are signage with some years on them. I hope to do many more retro signs/ logos... my next obsession.

Many questions continue to concern me about copyright/trademark infringement. I have researched these questions a great deal, but short of speaking with a copyright lawyer... I still have questions than need answers. From what I can tell, creating works of "art" from them is acceptable as long as I do not mass produce (create prints) them to make a profit. I know that Campbell's was more than happy to have Andy Warhol use their soup cans, hell, even Disney let him use Mickey Mouse. Coca Cola must love Steve Penley, too...


  1. let me know what you find out...i am setting up a still life with a box of morton salt and was wondering the same did a great job with this!...but it just needs one thing...a moon pie!!!

  2. all you have to do is wait about 10 more minutes! i did them as a pair. i think you will be ok with the still life with the salt in it... i am just using the logo solo, that makes me a bit nervous. i will let you know!