Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jimmy Clark, 201

Well, here it is. The last piece for the Log Cabin. I think this piece is interesting, but you never know what you are going to end up with... and this is one of those.

It is a very high key piece, which I am normally not drawn too, but I guess it does give that early morning feel, just wish I had pushed the warmness of the morning a bit. Didn't really notice that one until the end!

I did go back to that stop sign during the latest blizzard we had and it was gone! They had replaced it with a new shiny, tall one with no vines on it. Guess I am glad I captured it when I did!


  1. Love this painting. I'm also glad you were able to capture it before it was removed!

  2. BTW are you the son of David Boyd in Newnan? If so I used to have a frame shop and gallery in the house above his print shop.That was many years ago in the '70's. I moved from Newnan in '84. Nice to see your work. I love all of it.
    Eva Macie

  3. yes! indeed i am... i remember you being there. i have many of my first memories in that old building. thanks for following and good to hear from you! where are now?

  4. Very striking painting! Love your style.