Monday, February 15, 2010

MoonPie, 200

Wow, made it to 200. Thought I would get here a LOT sooner!

Here is the compliment to the RC painting. From Columbus, georgia to Chattanooga, Tennessee. They both share 20" sides in common, so I hope they go to the same place and hang together. These were so much fun to do. I love typography and graphics. Made to look simple and graphic and to be recognizable instantly. I have hand lettered many signs in my day, although I don't know jack about it. I have the right brushes and enamels as well as 10 years of house and mural painting under my belt... but hand lettering is an art unto itself. Mike Malloy does a great deal of it around the Newnan area, he has promised lessons that I plan on taking him up on it. I don't go to YouTube much because I live in the boonies and video takes forever to download, but when I do, I love to look for those guys who do pin striping and custom lettering. There are some amazing videos of those guys doing what they do. Long Live Von Dutch.


  1. Love it!!!! How much? I am a true Southerner, a former Chattanoogan, an art lover and a lover of MoonPie! (Even friends on FB!) Ha! I live in Alpharetta...this is in Highlands?