Sunday, April 18, 2010

Avocado Halves and Quarters on Red, 220

This one is very different for some reason. Not sure if it the green/red relationship or my use of cad red light versus my permanent red or cad red medium. i like the overall effect but it may be a but strong for most.


  1. Ah David, when I feel like I have lost my way all I have to do is stop by your blog and you remind me why I paint. Your paintings are always so full of the joy of doing. Keep it up - love this one.

  2. thank you, tammy. that means a great deal! it is easy to feel lost, i feel that way quite frequently. however, i consider those moments to be THE moments, the breakthrough moments. at the very least, they are the moments that make you stronger. i have been floundering a bit myself, but i know that something good is around the bend! keep painting!