Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can of Spam, 136 SOLD

I rescued this can of Spam from my emergency stash of Glenn Beck provisions. Jules and I actually ate this stuff... she made an "Egg McMuffin" with grilled Spam and it was really, really good. Very salty, but good. When I was younger, one of my favorite NASCAR sponsors was Spam, they had an awesome looking car driven by one of the greatest named drivers in the history of NASCAR, Lake Speed. Other great NASCAR names: Dick Trickle & Fireball Roberts.


  1. best lookin' SPAM I ever saw! My mom used to cook that up with pineapples (!?) when we were kids! I wasn't too fond of it....but think of those starving children around the world.... (I woulda sent it to them if I could) now, this painting brings a grin to my face! Cheers, Roxanne

  2. How awesome is this?! I am completely in love with this can of spam. I agree with Roxanne, it is the best looking spam, and probably the best tasting too. I'm enjoying your work, and your commentary. Thanks for sharing it.