Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Robins Egg Blue Caddy, Front 145 SOLD

Here is another big one for the week, I hope to do one or 2 more before the Cotton Pickin' Fair. I painted the back of this car earlier this summer, so I thought it was time to do the front. I lobe the bumper and front of this model Caddy almost as much as I love the fins in the back. It is a beautiful example of American design in the 50's, on of my favorite time periods as evident by my Googie Art sign series. As a friend of mine mentioned the other day, "Is it in a hole or is it supposed to look like that?" I will let you decide for yourself...


  1. thank you! i hope to get more of these big ones in... i have been hyper focused on the smaller pieces, but the big ones have started to move again!