Thursday, September 24, 2009

Small Clam Bay, 141

Still trying to master this palette of death! The time draws nye for my workshop and I need to be doing a bit better than this. As soon as the Cotton Pickin' Fair is over next week, I am headed to the great out doors. I must get out of the studio and work with these colors... this piece looks better in person than in picture, which is usually the case, but this picture is pretty rough. The trees have no mass, there is no sense of depth, the shadows are too warm, it just ain't workin'! Arrrgghh...


  1. I think I have missed something my reading of your blog but what is this palette of death? Are you taking or teaching a workshop just using certain colors or something?

  2. it was introduced to me by fellow painter and mentor Millie Gosch, it is used by many others including gene costanza who i am doing a workshop with later this month. it is windsor and newton lemon yellow, rembrandt permanent red medium and rembtrandt cobalt blue light...