Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Small Stand of Pines in Violet, 139

I returned to this imagery for a break. This is what I usually do when I get tired of painting from life and want to do something that comes from the heart and soul. After Artwalk this last Friday and a couple of large commissions, I have found that this imagery speaks to others as well. This piece helped to shake the rust of my technique that I will be using for the 3 large commissions I have gotten to do more of these.


  1. I like this imagery - very compelling. I remember the ones you did earlier - they were awesome too. Congrats on the commissions. Do you find it hard to do commissions?

  2. thanks, tammy! commissions can be difficult. i just keep that in mind every time i do one. i worked as an illustrator, so i am more than used to having to listen to the client... commission work is a necessary evil...