Tuesday, March 23, 2010

High Tide, 210

Love the Tide logo. Classic, round and beautiful. Think I may save this one to paint over. Most of my work is done alla prima, so I don't let it dry and work back into it. These larger pieces tend to lack the magic you can get with a smaller piece. I may need to paint it on the floor or try some other radical approach. I like the large scale but it is still missing something.


  1. David, I love your logo paintings, they are better (visually) than the real thing. I'd like you to comment, if you would, on what you have found out about the copyright issue you mentioned in your earlier post.

  2. thank you! what i found, short of hiring a lawyer is that art is art. as long as i am not making prints or selling tshirts, things are "ok". found that there are many companies that like to have their stuff out there in any way shape or form!

    however, i could be totally wrong and i may find out! i wll make sure let ever one know if i get any letters!

  3. I don't know about the logo copyrights, either, but I work for P&G and would be very interested to know if this is still available... Not only would it show brand loyalty to hang in my office (cubicle), it would show my fabulous taste in art! I love your work and would like to know where to purchase.