Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mini Mountain, 207

Trying to gear up for the upcoming season of shows. I have the Artwalk in Newnan on the 26th of March and dropping off 2 large pieces for the Patrons Auction for the Centre for Performing and Visual art a few days before Artwalk.

Small pieces tend to sell better than large ones at these types of things, so I try to go small and sell the daily's and the studies. They are my gravy, they keep me in paint and canvas until the big ones move.

I also hope to have a show of the retro ad pieces if I can get them together and shop them around... there has been a bit of interest so far!

The art department at Heritage has also agreed to painting the set for Frog and Toad which is coming up all to soon as well!

The crunch is on, but you have to get while the getting is good... and springtime and art shows are the key!

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