Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mountain Dew, 204

My next group of paintings is based on several obsessions of mine... junking, Pop Art, retro advertising.

By junking I mean going to junk stores, antiques malls and flea markets. My favorite was Lakewood in Atlanta. My pal Jeff Stuart got me hooked on going up there. Closing that place was a very sad day for all of us that loved going up there.

I love old rusty signs and advertisements. The oxidation and the simplicity and effectiveness of the design work always captivated me. I have designed logos for different companies, the most notable around here is the Redneck Gourmet. My dad designed the first logo in 1990 and I redesigned it for franchising purposes. I have hand painted tin signs for them, as well as murals outside the Newnan location and inside the Senoia location. I have always enjoyed lettering.

Afte a week off from painting I have decided to explore these themes. I hope you enjoy!

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